Current Problem or Opportunity

  • Growing world energy use due to an increased population has increased concerns over energy resources, and heavy environmental impacts including global warming and climate change
  • Among building services, the exponential growth in energy consumption by HVAC systems is particularly concerning
  • Globally, homeowners and businesses alike are rapidly adopting intelligent HVAC systems that are powered and controlled by the Internet of Things (IoT) to optimize their interior comfort and energy savings


Intelligent HVAC System Company provides an affordable service-based solution to homeowners and businesses that invest in a wireless intelligent HVAC system.
The technology provides value to individuals that want to create a smarter home or building within their budget expectations, while having access to the convenience of installation and on-going tech support

How it works

Describe why you can do it. What is your magic?

  • This disruptive start-up will be the first in Canada to provide a customized Intelligent HVAC systems based on the IoT while also offering continuous on-going customer service through tech support
  • Individuals that use Intelligent HVAC Systems will benefit from increased control and flexibility over their energy consumption, and will drastically increase their energy efficiency resulting in substantial cost savings

Go to Market Plan

Providing specialty design, installation and on-going after-sales services and maintenance to homeowners and businesses that invest in a wireless Intelligent HVAC System

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